It is fairly obvious by now that we are living in a land of mountains rising up from the ocean in the fjordlands of Northern Norway. The mountains surround us in every direction and the Norwegian culture encourages the people to explore with the saying “the land is for everyone”. One of the more famous areas around Tromsø is the Lyngen Alps, only about an hour west of us driving. There are guided tours from Tromsø that take people skiing, biking, hiking, Northern Lights searching, etc… and many of them head to the Lyngen Alps. These mountains are some of the largest in the area, topped with glaciers and rising straight up from the ocean, with little shoreline in many places. There is one small road along the coast to allow driving access on one side of the Alps so we decided to explore.

The trip began with a ferry boat ride across a fjord from Breivikeidet to Svensby to reach the Lyngen peninsula. The kids each got an ice cream for the ferry trip and Adelheyd fondly called it her Fairy Tale boat rather than just a Ferry boat. They thought it was pretty cool to drive your car onto a boat!

Once in Svensby, we drove north along the coast line in search of a campsite closer to the mountains rather than the coast. This is not an easy task as there are very few roads, even dirt roads, in this untouched area of the world. By that I mean most of Northern Norway, not just the Lyngen Alps. Most people hike or take boats to access land  rather than driving it seems. We were quite lucky and found an amazing camp site next to a nature reserve. There were even picnic tables and a nice little bridge built to cross the stream headed toward the mountains. It is pretty entertaining trying to find campsites as we explore dirt roads when they look promising, but we are not in our trusty America truck. Instead we are in a VW minivan with street tires and no 4WD. Cross our fingers, but we have not gotten stuck yet…close but not completely stuck. So our weekend entailed 2 nights camping on the East side of the Lyngen Alps, with some beautiful peaks and glaciers in view. The kids love exploring the woods, collecting walking sticks, looking at animal tracks, and of course roasting marshmellows and sleeping in the tent. They are getting better about falling asleep in the midnight sun…no easy task in a tent where you cannot block out the sunlight! We look forward to many more camping adventures this summer, stay tuned…

About montanabrowns

We are one fun-loving family formerly living the good fresh mountain air life in Missoula, MT and now on an adventure to explore the mountains and seas of Tromso, Norway. We love to ski, bike, fish, adventure to new places, and generally live a good life. You will also find us on the soccer fields, at the ice rink, and trying to keep up with our two crazy kids!

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